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Nov 4, 2012 9:00am EST
to see the sunshine break out later this morning, as well. >> reaching for the finish line, mitt romney and president obama continuing their last haul through the battleground states ahead of tuesday's election. >> later today, both candidates will be in ohio, a must-win for both campaigns. here brian mooar with that story from washington. >> former president bill clinton may have been losing his voice >> but he has done a good job with a bad hand. >> but in virginia, he spoke up for president obama, trying to soften up a critical swing state. >> we've made real progress, virginia. >> governor romney is trying to hold down iowa, a battleground state where he's fallen behind five points in the latest polls. >> with the vote of the people of iowa, we can't lose. >> the candidates cross paths within hours of each other as they barnstormed iowa and six other toss-up states, making their final arguments in the last weekend of the campaign. the president was joined by musicians john mellencamp and katy perry, and governor romney got a boost from nascar legend, richard petty. >> this is as muc
Nov 11, 2012 9:00am EST
these election results. what does the republican party do now after a stinging defeat for romney and the republicans? our round table weighs in. all coming up >> we are live with kenny pasternext. what are you cooking? >> we've got a lot of stuff going on this morning. >> we're got the grill. we like to borrow the grill. we like to keep itsome. and classy statement. >> we've got some fritatta, chicken nuggets, a cheese tray. >> go ahead. how du it come together? does everybody blame something? or do you buy it all? >> kind of half and half. this morning we weren't that prepared. we'll go easy, kind of buy stuff to bring. definitely we steal our neighbor's grill sometimes, make stuff, that sort of stuff. >> how excited is everybody? it's been a while since we've had a home game. >> no. yeah, yeah. we were at the last home game. so it's been a while since we got to come out. we're ready today. >> you guys have games. people play bean bag toss. everybody makes friends. you don't eve vn to know your neighbor to pitch in. >> you make friends as you get here. park next to the same peop
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2